Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have always felt like life was phony. That it was almost like someone else was intervening and pulling strings.  However every time I was outside, at the park, near the beach, taking a walk in the woods, life felt different.  I am cutting the strings that move us in many ways. We want our food to come from our home or near it, we want to make things with our hands instead of buying them, we want to be able to be self sufficient. My husband, Carlos, and I have been sweet hearts since I can remember. We started our little family very early . We have grown up together. He is super handsome, strong, sweet, and a part of who I am.  Now we are packing up out little family and moving out to the country, closer to nature, closer to the warm air, the crickets, the bullfrogs,and the amazing natural planetarium of our own in the sky above our very own land. This blog will be a journal of our journey and I look forward to sharing it.