Sunday, August 17, 2014

Life is Simple... but we make it difficult. Why do we have this need to make it difficult? Why are our lives lead by "things"? Why must we have the next "thing", whatever that might be.  Then we have this need to show these horrible habits to our children who in turn show theirs the same.  Our lives are lead by stuff, things, junk, crap, and more crap. Summer just flew by and I never took enough time to notice it's beauty or enjoy its splendor. I ignored it by wasting my time online, on my phone, driving around in my car, and working, just to spend my pay check on the things I don't need.

Where is the logic in any of this? We spend all of our time working, giving part of it away to taxes, most of it to bills, and enjoying none of it. Those bills I mentioned are for all things we do not need. One does not NEED cable, or a cell phone, or the internet, or even electricity for that matter. To have our conveniences we basically sign our lives away so we can pay for them.

I, just like anyone else, have been conditioned to view this life as normal. The reality is IT'S NOT! Driving ourselves into chaos and risking our health and mental well being for stuff is not normal. Why is it so hard to stop our addiction to it? We are so conditioned and brainwashed it makes it almost impossible to break free.

I am sick of driving myself nuts over bills and work. I just want to live. I want to notice all the rays of sun that beam on my face in the summer sun. I want to hear the birds chatter and call to one another. I want to just be. But I can't . I cannot see those rays because my eyes are to busy looking at my status, checking my messages, or looking at bills. I cannot hear those birds because my ears are just hearing people complain about bills, or people telling me where they need to be at what time, or all the other distractions that are thrown my way.

I see the usefulness of technology. I see the wonders of the industrial age. I also see what it has done to us as people, how we interact with each other, and how we interact with nature. We have lost our connection to the world. Work without purpose, that is now our life. Where before our connection with nature was so strong, all of our work was with purpose.

I hope that each of us try a little every day to break free from the chains that bind us. Only we can free ourselves from the bondage we are now in. We are bound to technology and we need to be set free.