Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hello everyo..... oh wait let me brush the dust off of this blog...<whoosh> <cough cough> ... there we go.

Hello Everyone! Where have you been you might ask? Well life... that darn thing called life took over again. A lot has changed since my last entry. Both boys are now going to be attending public school in the fall. Isaiah  needed it. I just could not give him the help he needed. I tried, I really did but sometimes in life you have except defeat and hand over the reigns. Caden wants to pursue Computer Programming so he will be attending vo-tech and joining his football brothers at the high school this fall. I am working  as a home health aide and still running my virtual assistant business. I am also an Academic Coordinator for Cultural Homestay International, and studying for my real estate exam.

My hope was to move to the country and life would slow down. It didn't. Which is very disappointing for me. I had such high expectations of this country life. I still have my chickens (more than before) and I still have my garden (as sad as it is) but it's not going the way I planned. It was going so well in the beginning I am not sure what went wrong.

Life is always changing. You think you know what your plan is but you have to be ready to change it up at anytime. This seems to be the story of my life but I am trying to get back to the dream we had... a simple life.