Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little birdie told me

This year for science one of the many things we are study are birds. My wonderful Aunt and Uncle got us a bird feeder for the new home. A couple of weeks ago Carlos loaded it up with seeds and we have had non stop traffic ever since. We have had to refill it already!  We mostly see Chickadees but there is a Red Headed Woodpecker that comes around, a few Cardinals and a couple of birds we have not yet named.

Some mornings I will take the dog out to do her business and I will find squirrels hanging off of the feeder or on the ground below waiting for something to do drop. I find them adorable but they are maddening to Isabella, she wants to eat them. They scatter rather quickly when she shows her big grey head.

                      The Chickadee seem to be our most popular bird.

This is our woodpecker who seems to take off every time my camera comes out.

This Chickadee found home on the bird feeder Isaiah made with our homeschool co-op at our TREC class on the Peninsula this fall.

At my old house we had birds of course but never took the time out to actually watch them. It has been a real pleasure feeding them, watching them, photographing them, and learning all we can about the birds in this area.

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