Thursday, January 03, 2013

Oh spring where art thou

As I gaze out my office window I see a white blanket cover the woods and pond. My grass is hidden under the white powder just waiting for the thaw.  I received a seed catalog in the mail not to long ago and it put a smile on my face. A smile so big it would have made the Cheshire Cat envious. I am going to start selecting my seeds and planning my garden. I must make sure I have a schedule for seeding and planting. I am also going to stock up on cans and lids. This will be a most productive summer! I will be keeping my eye out for a  used dehydrator, which I have never done before.  Oh the sauces, the jams, the salsas I will grow!

I am also excited for spring to watch my woods come alive. I cannot wait to hear the frogs at the pond again. Hubby also plan on stocking the pond for the kids. They are going to have the best time out there! This place is like a giant park, with fishing, 4 wheeling, camping, tree climbing, and its my home!

Oh spring hurry get here fast!!!!!

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