Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pie crust that was running out of time!

First I want to make a confession... I am a total failure at making pie crust.  I make amazing pie fillings but totally bomb the crusty part. To insure that my pies will taste perfect I buy already made pie crust. I shall now hang my head in shame and say a couple Hail Mary's and Our Fathers for this sin against my kitchen. 

During the holidays I bought pre made crust to make pies. I did not use it all. So I had to use it NOW or it would parish. So if you have no pie fillings what can you do with pie crust? I posted on Facebook in hopes that one of my mommy friends would shed some light on my pie dilemma, and one did. My amazing friend Jillian (who is the owner of , you should totally check it out!)  had mentioned baklava. Brilliant!!! 

First I buttered a cookie sheet. Then I rolled out my crust (be sure to floor your rolling surface and rolling pin, that thin dough sticks easy!). I put my first layer on my sheet and buttered it and did that 3 more times. 

Ok so its not pretty... leave me alone!

After 4 layers of dough I then wanted to add my yummy middle... so I chopped up some peanuts and put them in a bowl with about 4 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon. After mixing it all up I added it to my crust. 

I then added 2 more layers of crust on top... both buttered.... and then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. 

I baked my crazy little concoction until it was flaky and golden
 ( 30 mins on 350 but your oven may be different)

In hindsight I would have put sugar and cinnamon on each layer. I felt it was lacking that constant flavor through out the dessert. I also would have put more layers on top had I had more pie crust. Carlos loves them and the kids do not think they are that bad either. 

So the next time you have something that is ready to expire, make it something new do not waste it!

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