Saturday, February 23, 2013

Money talks

People sometimes ask me why we wanted to move out here. People also ask me why do I bother cooking from scratch all the time? They ask me why do you bother homeschooling? Why don't you just go buy laundry soap? Why do you want to grow your own foods? Why do you own fire arms?

My answer is this.... Why wouldn't you?

Today I took my sons to a second amendment rally in downtown Erie. Not only did they get to see how our first amendment works but they also had a chance to hear the history and the reason we have the right to bare arms. There was one key point that rings so true that was made there today. Where and how we spend our money. As a gun owner we are normally shunned from most public places if we are carrying a fire arm.  And most Americans are ok with this fact. They have been lead to believe it keeps them safer. While we all know when a public place is under attack people become victims with no chance of defending themselves. We have the right to carry and we also have the right to spend our money with people who agree with that fact.

Find out who in your area allows their customers to carry fire arms. Shop at those stores. Hire those companies. Support those business owners. Vote with your dollars. Your dollars have more power than any voting booth will every give you. I do not participate in Government education because it is not good enough for my kids. I do not buy the chemically laden laundry soaps or cleaners because its not safe for my family. I try to grow as much of my own food or buy from local small farms and stores for my groceries.  I also read labels and watch for companies that sell non gmo products. I hang my laundry to give less to the electric company. I cook for my children and my husband because its healthier for them and cheaper for my household. I own fire arms to protect my family and home. (if the President has secret service to keep his family safe I have that same right to safety).

Shop local! Buy used! Fix things! And remember your money counts! Vote with your dollars, Money talks!

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Jayme said...

I absolutely, 100% agree! Couldn't have said it better.