Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Farmer Pabon

So what do you do when you move out to rural america? You become a farmer! They boys went to their first 4-H meeting this weekend. We are now doing research on Goats and Chickens! We will be purchasing them both and our family will have goat milk products and eggs!  Isaiah was so excited, he truly was in heaven when he had the chance to not only see all the goats on the farm we went to but to actually FEED a baby goat, he was smiling for hours!  (He also said, "I feel like a daddy!")

We have also started planning our garden. I received my first seeds last week. I will start them indoors on Monday (which is also Isaiah's birthday).  We are looking forward to all the fresh produce we will have! Carlos and the boys will be building my garden boxes, chicken coop, and goat barn.  I would also love a small stand to sell eggs and extra produce to place road side for people who drive by. We are all so excited to really start this homestead!

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