Saturday, May 11, 2013

Growing every day!

Our babies are growing like crazy! Soon they will being going out to their very own home that the fellas made for her. Caden has taken such a responsible role with them. He feeds and gives them water every day. They perch on his arm and never try to fly away. They really like him.

 The school year is winding down and bonfire season has begun.  My garden is slowly coming together. We cannot wait for our food to start grown. I will have many recipes for canning to share with you. We really are enjoying our life out here. We still have things we have no been able to do this year but looking forward to the years to come to start adding to our homestead.

 I am still taking classes online and I have starting working on my book again (the book has been in the making for 3 years now).  It is a wonderful story and I would really love to share it with everyone.So keep your eyes pealed for it on Amazon (don't worry my readers will be the first to know).

Here is a photo of Caden with one of our ladies, keep an eye out for more post soon on everything from End of year homeschool wrap ups to new recipes.

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