Saturday, May 11, 2013

Homesteading... Does that make me a hipster?

There is a lot of chatter about homesteading these days. You can be a rural homesteader or an urban one. The trend is growing and it has seemed to catch fire.  The moms of 10 years ago who were once carrying Starbucks coffee cups, driving SUV's, and going to soccer games are starting to ditch the SUV's for Pick-up trucks, dark Folgers coffee in a therms instead of a Frap with soy , and 4H meetings and county fairs, instead of the soccer travel team .

I personally attribute the rise of self sufficancey to the internet. There is a sudden burst of inner farmer coming out of us. At one time it was normal to have a farmer down the street or at least you knew one in town. But as towns grew and turned into cities and people went from the outdoors, to in we became less in touch with where our food came from. When the big internet boom happened we were able to connect with people from all walks of life. The SUV mom, with the calendar bunched with dates of playdates, soccer games, and PTO meetings would sit down at her PC and chat with moms from all over the country, some who were living off the grid, raising cattle, and growing their own food. We are now able to experience other peoples lives and all we need is an internet connection.

With the influence of others from all across the nation, families are changing. From career chasing cubical monsters who had no free thought to a whole new generation of free thinkers who do not want to be tied to desk. There are more and more people trying to find their own wealth and spend as little money as possible trying to care for themselves and their families. The days of working 50 hours a week trying to climb the corporate ladder is starting to diminish and the need to for something more real is at hand.

So are you a hipster? Or are you going to stay chained to your cube?

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