Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Who knew ?

Who knew that some day I would be making my own laundry soap.  The scene went something like this; Isaiah and I are in the kitchen grating soap. My dad walks in and asks what we are doing. I tell him that we are making laundry soap and he looks at me like I am crazy. I respond with a "hey its much cheaper this way"  he laughs and says, ok whatever.  Below  are the step by step directions on how Isaiah and I made soap.

First we grated a bar of soap. I did use the Fels-Napa soap because it is for laundry stains but really you can use any bar soap.

Put your grated soap in a large pot. Fill a gallon jug with water and add that to the pot as well. Cook until the soap dissolves.

Add one cup of washing soda and (If you do not have washing soda here is a link that will show you how to turn baking soda into washing soda add one cup of Borax to the soap mixture you have in the pot.

Bring this to a boil. It should start to thicken up a bit. Once it does turn off your heat and add one gallon jug of COLD water.

Using a funnel makes it easier. I did start with a ladle but that was taking forever. I used a small saucepan instead, that worked much faster.

There is your final product! It has worked wonderfully.It smells great! I will warn you the texture is totally different than what you are used to. Its not a nice pouring liquid. It is like the texture of slime that your kids would make. But it works and its cheap, that's what matters. I spent around 8 dollars for my soap, borax and washing soda and I can use those about 4 more times (I am guessing).

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