Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frankenstorm...aka Hurricane Sandy

As Halloween is creeping on us so is a horrible storm. A storm worth of the holiday and its adopted name Frankenstorm. It is due to hit NJ, NYC and make its way inland. It is such a large storm that we will even feel its effects. We should have around 6 inches of rain and winds of at least 40 miles and hour and some gusts up to 70. To prepare I made sure I baked plenty of goodies, made soups, purchased beans and other dry goods, and bought some fruits for snacking.  We got enough gas to last us several days for our generator. The husband and my oldest son brought in all the lawn chairs and other possible projectiles into the shed. We have plenty of batteries, flash lights, and candles. Our home is pretty well insulated. Even though we have had nights falling in the 30's we still have not had to put on our heat so we are praying it stays that way.

But what does this mean for Halloween? I am not sure. I would assume the two parties we were planning on attending will be rescheduled. I am certain there will be no door to door trick or treating this year. This horrible weather is going to last all week. It certainly will be spooky with little lighting and a lot of time on our hands.

Let's all pray for those on the coast. Let's all pray for those who are in the surge areas. And let's all pray people are prepared! We have had plenty of warning. I hope everyone stays warm, healthy, and safe!

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Laurie said...

I bet those Hurricane Sandy victims wished that they would have had at least a month's worth of food and water stored in their kitchens. Along with some batteries, an alternative source of heat and some medical supplies, they would be not so in need of help. This should be a lesson to all us to store some extra dry goods, water and necessary items. One never knows what is around the corner.