Friday, November 30, 2012

Always starting over

Every home educating day is a day of discovery and change. I am constantly trying to find a way to inspire them to learn. My youngest suffers daily from the scars of school. I am trying to help him over come those scars without creating new ones. I feel like he "should be" doing this or that. I question myself and my approach. I am scared that I am not doing the right thing and I am responsible for his future... what if...if I screw it up?

Every day I am finding ways to encourage learning. Not to encourage school. True pure curiosity and learning. I want them to yearn to soak up everything they can. I will not lie though when my youngest tells me he cannot read that, or he forgets how a y is made, or cries because he cannot do either of those things... I doubt myself, I cry , I worry, my heart breaks.... We are all learning here, even myself... I am learning to have enough confidence in the both of us to get through the fear.

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